When did Laser Cut Wedding Invitations Become a Thing?

Laser cut wedding invitations sure are cool… but why are they becoming popular?

Long gone are the days where you could walk up to the town crier and tell him to say you were having a wedding. Besides the obvious lures of free food, free drinks, a great amount of family and friends, and true love manifested, you must now compete for your guest’s attention, now spliced between all of their other mail and general living situation.

Or worse, what if your guest is invited to overlapping weddings? How do they choose? Assuming they like the brides, grooms, families and friends, catering, music, and location about the same, it will likely come down to the wedding invitation. So how do you make a wedding invitation so appealing that people are enticed to judge a book by its cover?

OK – that’s enough sarcasm. We understand that every couple wants to have a wedding where the details create a truly magical experience. Intricacy is an easy-to-overlook, but also easy-to-recognize opportunity to bring just a touch of elegance and even a smile to your guests.

And as you know, one of the major first impressions guests will have of even the existence of your wedding, may just be that wedding invitation. This is an opportunity to set expectations while infusing your own style, charm, and creativity into that lasting first impression.

As you could guess, creativity is a bar that can never be set to high, and one that is constantly rising. Perhaps this is why laser cut wedding invitations have recently become a trending form of wedding stationery.

What Are Some Creative Laser Cut Wedding Invitation Ideas?

The first hint that anything is creative, is that its freely available common knowledge found on other people’s blogs… In this case, Pinterest and Etsy. But despite our cynicism, here’s the truth about creativity. Creativity is usually built on inspiration. It’s putting two previously disparate ideas together to form something new. So let’s go on the hunt for some inspiration.

Laser Engrave a Coconut Wedding Invitation

This may be perfect for the tropical marriage. Each guest gets a real laser engraved coconut – a “Coconote” if you would. You can even send a coconut straight through the mail with just a postage stamp. Life is easy.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations With Paper

What we like about this is the intricacy of the lace that is much easier to create than with scissors or a scalpel. The rest of the card is somewhat standard, but, again, the details make this stand out.

Paper? Hell, let’s go with Acrylic

Same technology to make this invitation as the two above it, but, as you can see, the finish is much different. Acrylic is a very versatile material, simply because there are so many color and finish options to choose from. You can use black matte, neon, or even a combination of the two to really stand out.

Laser Cut and Engraved Wooden Wedding Invitations

We can make these as well. There is just something so appealing about real woodgrain and a laser. We have laser engraved designs ranging from the simple to the complex, and we have found that they tend to look and feel best on a thin piece of wood.

It’s our hero image on this post for a reason. Beautiful.

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